2023 General Election Party expenses

See a summary of how much parties spent on advertising for the 2023 General Election and download the full expense returns.

All parties that were registered during the 2023 General Election had to file an audited expenses return, even if they did not contest the election or did not incur any party expenses.

Summary of party expenses

This table summarises each registered party’s election and broadcasting allocation expenses.

Party Election
ACT New Zealand
[PDF, 5.1MB]
$3,311,400.00 $2,776,458.01 $368,548.00 $360,968.65 Yes
Animal Justice Party
[PDF, 1.3MB]
$1,942,200.00 $7,945.55 $69,310.00 $68,517.17 Yes
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
[PDF, 3.7MB]
$1,844,400.00 $986.00 $69,310.00 $68,511.51 Yes
[PDF, 3.1MB]
$1,811,800.00 $92,600.00 $69,310.00 $69,310.00  
Democratic Alliance
[PDF, 1MB]
Freedoms NZ
[PDF, 6.3MB]
$1,388,000.00 $181,349.92 $95,042.00 $95,019.45 Yes
Green Party
[PDF, 4.3MB]
$3,083,200.00 $1,336,920.10 $368,548.00 $368,380.64 Yes
Labour Party
$3,735,200.00 $3,511,056.18 $1,291,992.00 $1,291,991.66 Yes
Leighton Baker Party (amended)
[PDF, 1.6MB]

Leighton Baker Party
[PDF, 6.5MB]
$1,485,800.00 $51,690.42 NIL NIL Yes
National Party
[PDF, 20MB]
$3,572,200.00 $2,552,655.04 $1,084,061.00 $1,071,417.99 Yes
New Conservatives
[PDF, 4.4MB]
$1,714,000.00 $28,299.35 $139,450.00 $139,045.00 Yes
New Nation Party
[PDF, 631KB]
$1,485,800.00 $39,072.13 NIL NIL  
[PDF, 399KB]
$1,518,400.00 $99,274.42 $69,310.00 $64,840.00 Yes
New Zealand First Party
$2,496,400.00 $1,513,080.37 $173,483.00 $152,702.97 Yes
New Zealand Loyal (amended)
[PDF, 1.6MB]

New Zealand Loyal
[PDF, 1.1MB]
$2,463,800.00 $360,473.23 NIL NIL Yes
NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party
[PDF, 485KB]
$97,800.00 NIL NIL** NIL  
Te Pāti Māori (amended to include
audit report)
[PDF, 5.1 MB]
$1,942,200.00 $98,781.98 $207,930.00 $207,930.00 Yes
The Opportunities Party (TOP) (amended)
[PDF, 745KB]

The Opportunities Party (TOP)
[PDF, 1.3MB]
$1,811,800.00 $115,194.87 $139,450.00 $136,840.12 Yes
Vision New Zealand
[PDF, 4.3MB]
$815,000.00 $2,811.75 NIL** NIL Yes
Women’s Rights Party
[PDF, 562KB]
$1,388,000.00 $11,012.45 NIL NIL Yes

*$1,388,000 for parties that submitted a party list + $32,600 for each electorate candidate, including GST.

** A component party of Freedoms NZ which in accordance with section 79(3) of the Broadcasting Act 1989 is not entitled to a separate allocation. 

Spending limits for parties

There were limits on how much parties could spend on advertising during the regulated period for the 2023 General Election, which ran from 14 July to 13 October.

Registered parties that submitted a party list could spend up to $1,388,000 including GST, and $32,600 including GST for each electorate candidate they stood.

Broadcasting allocations

Registered parties could also receive public funding for television, radio, and internet advertising through the broadcasting allocation. Parties that received an allocation must declare expenses paid for out of that funding.

Broadcasting allocation for the 2023 General Election

About the broadcasting allocation

What parties need to declare

Parties need to declare their election expenses for party advertising published during the regulated period and broadcasting allocation expenses used to promote the party or their candidates. These expense returns were due on Wednesday 13 March, 2024.

Election expenses are the costs of advertising in any medium, including preparation, design, printing, publication, and postage.

Party expense returns are required to include an audit report.

We publish party returns as they have been supplied to us. In some cases we may still be following up with parties – for example if an audit report has not yet been provided, or if we need to check any of the details.

If we receive an amended return from a party, we will publish the amended version and if applicable adjust the summary table. Previous versions will remain available to download.

Donations and loans

These returns do not include party donations and loans. Registered parties must file a separate annual return of donations and loans by 30 April.

Party donations and loans

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