For starting a political party

If your political party wants to contest the party vote at general elections and have its logo on the voting paper, it must register with us. Registering is optional if your party only wants to stand electorate candidates.

To apply, your party needs a suitable name, 500 paying members who can enrol to vote, rules about party membership, and an auditor. You’ll need to show evidence of these when you apply. You can also register a logo for your party, which can go on the voting paper.

Once we get your application, we’ll ask the public whether they have any issues with your name or logo. Then we’ll decide whether to register your party.

Your party will have several continuing duties once it's registered. Every year you’ll need to send us a statutory declaration and an audited return of your party’s donations and loans.

Registered parties are also eligible for an allocation of broadcasting funds at general elections.

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