Forms and templates

Party registration application form

Includes a checklist and template for the statutory declarations required under section 63 of the Electoral Act in conjunction with the registration of a party and the statutory declaration required under section 71C of the Electoral Act for the purposes of registering a party logo

This form and the statutory declarations must be completed by an applicant wanting to register a political party (and logo).

Download the party registration application form (PDF, 104KB)

Template party membership form

The template form can be used by a party seeking registration to provide evidence that it has at least 500 current financial members who are eligible to enrol as electors. The template is in Word format, which can be readily formatted into a party’s personalised membership form.

Download the template party membership form (DOCX, 752KB)

Template spreadsheet for membership evidence

The spreadsheet should be populated with details of the 500+ members submitted with the party registration application, sorted alphabetically by surname.

Download the template spreadsheet for membership evidence (XLSX, 11KB)

Statutory declaration for logo application or variation

Required under section 71C of the Electoral Act.

Download the statutory declaration for logo application or variation (DPC, 24KB)



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