Applications for roll data

State sector organisations can apply to us for an electronic list of people who are enrolled to vote. The organisation must need the list to conduct human health or scientific research.

We can provide the list for the entire country or specific areas of New Zealand. We can also provide lists of everyone on the main rolls or only people of Māori descent.

The lists we provide include each person’s:

  • name
  • postal address
  • residential address
  • occupation (if available)
  • honorific (if any)
  • meshblock (geographic area)
  • age, in 12-month bands for human health research and in 5-year bands for scientific research. 

Find out how to apply

If you’re a state sector organisation, find out how to apply and download the application form:

Apply for data for research

Read about applications we’ve approved

We publish summaries of the applications that we approve.

Applications we’ve approved from 1 March 2016

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