2023 General Election Registered promoter expenses

See how much registered promoters spent on advertising for the 2023 General Election.

Registered promoters only had to file a return if they spent more than $100,000

Only registered promoters for the 2023 General Election who spent more than $100,000 on election advertising published during the regulated period (14 July to 13 October) had to send us a return of their expenses. These expense returns were due on Wednesday, 14 February 2024.

Register of promoters for the 2023 General Election  

Registered promoter expense limit

Registered promoters had an expense limit of $391,000 (including GST) for the general election.

Registered promoter election expenses

This table shows the registered promoters that sent us returns for the 2023 General Election. 

Registered promoter Election expenses
The Better NZ Trust [PDF, 313KB] $266,069.39
New Zealand Council of Trade Unions - Te Kauae Kaimahi [PDF, 942KB] $299,344.11
Family First New Zealand [PDF, 2MB] $204,771.40
Groundswell NZ [PDF, 681KB] $141,061.00
Hobson's Pledge [PDF, 223KB] $283,898.73
New Zealand Taxpayers' Union [PDF, 1.6MB] $371,565.05
Vote for Better Limited [821KB] $386,514.99
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