2023 General Election Voter and non-voter survey

After the 2023 General Election, we commissioned Verian to conduct a survey of voters and non-voters.

The survey aims to:

  • measure voter satisfaction and confidence in the electoral system
  • determine levels of understanding of the voting process
  • identify barriers to voting.

Similar surveys have been conducted since 2005.

Participation in voting

This report focuses on the survey results at a total population level, as well as for those groups with historically lower levels of engagement with the voting process – including Māori, Pacific peoples, Asian peoples, young people (18-29), disabled people, and non-voters.

Where possible this report compares 2023 results with those from the 2020 and 2017 General Elections.

Voter and non-voter survey – 2023 General Election [PDF, 2MB]

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