Responses to OIA requests

In December 2021 we began proactively releasing OIA requests we receive, and our responses to them, on a quarterly basis.

This includes OIA requests we have received since 1 September 2021. Occasionally requests and responses cannot be proactively released, for example because of risks to privacy or commercial prejudice.

Any personal information relating to the requester or to the response has been redacted.

2022 OIA requests

Reference Subject Request
Supporting documents
29-2022 Request for number of electoral breaches referred to Police in last 5 years & whether the Electoral Commission will take any further action in the New Zealand First Foundation case [PDF, 158KB] 02/08/2022  
28-2022 Use of cameras with automatic number plate recognition [PDF, 128KB] 01/08/2022  
27-2022 Request for a copy of any Privacy Impact Assessment on the collection and use of personal information [PDF, 131KB] 10/07/2022 Follow up response [PDF, 112KB]
26-2022 Request for number of electoral roll records, including those enrolled under different names and deceased electors [PDF, 127KB] 17/07/2022  
25-2022 Request for documents relating to referrals to the Police for the Tauranga By-Election [PDF, 177KB] 06/07/2022  
23-2022 Request for information about determining the correct enrolment address for eligible prisoners and Electoral Commission communications with prisoners prior to local and general elections about updating their enrolment details [PDF, 163KB] 05/07/2022  
21-2022 Request for the process of removing name from the electoral roll [PDF, 130KB] 05/07/2022  
20-2022 Occupations listed on the electoral roll by less than three people per year for the period 01/01/19-30/06/22 [PDF, 132KB] 02/07/2022 Data 30/12/2020 [CSV, 370KB]
Data 30/06/2021 [CSV, 370KB]
Data 30/06/2022 [CSV, 348KB]
19-2022 Request for "poll book" dated prior to 1870 [PDF, 132KB] 15/06/2022  
18-2022 Request for all postal addresses within the Rangitata electorate [PDF, 190KB] 07/06/2022  
17-2022 Request for historic electorate voting place results [PDF, 161KB] 31/05/2022 Votes recorded by voting place for the Kaimai electorate, 1993 [PDF, 126KB] 
General statistics for the 1993 General Election [PDF, 1,044KB]
15-2022 Request for the 2020 Kids Voting results [PDF, 184KB] 04/05/2022 Results of Kids Voting – Te Pōti a Ngā Tamariki 2020 [PDF, 115KB]
13-2022 Request for information on the party registration of United Future New Zealand [PDF, 132KB] 10/05/2022  
12-2022 Request for the numbers of citizens and non-citizens that voted in previous general elections [PDF, 122KB] 06/05/2022  
10-2022 Request for information about donations to political parties by an individual [PDF, 130KB] 05/04/2022  
09-2022 Request for copies of the electoral rolls and information about electors on the unpublished roll [PDF, 134KB] 01/04/2022  
08-2022 Request for information about citizen and permanent resident voting in the cannabis referendum, members of communist party enrolled to vote, and residency applications [PDF, 139KB] 28/03/2022  
07-2022 Request for information on dual voting, including prosecutions and the use of voter ID [PDF, 141KB] 17/03/2022  
06-2022 Request for information on any vote counting software was used at the 2020 General Election [PDF,131KB] 06/03/2022  
05-2022 Request for information on the submission of party lists at the 2008 General Election [PDF, 126KB] 05/03/2022  
04-2022 Request for information on vote counting process and the systems and software used in this process [PDF, 141KB] 04/03/2022  
03-2022 Request for information on candidate donations to Stuart Nash at the 2017 General Election [PDF, 127KB] 11/02/2022  
02-2022 Request for electoral roll data for the suburb of Onekawa, Napier [PDF, 135KB] 10/02/2022  
01-2022 Request for correspondence between Ministry of Justice and Electoral Commission on current donations and loans disclosure regime and financial implications of any changes [PDF, 192KB] 24/01/2022 Various correspondence [PDF, 2.23MB]

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