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Party expenses for the 2023 General Election

Mar 20, 2024 | News

Details of how much political parties spent on advertising for the 2023 General Election have been published on the Electoral Commission’s website.

The returns from registered parties set out their election advertising expenses for the regulated period before the election (14 July to 13 October 2023) and broadcasting allocation expenses.

See a summary and downloadable copies of the 2023 party expense returns 

There were limits on how much parties could spend on advertising during the regulated period. Registered parties contesting the party vote could spend up to $1,388,000 (including GST), and $32,600 (including GST) for each electorate candidate.

Registered parties could also receive funding for television, radio, and internet advertising through the broadcasting allocation.

See what parties received in the 2023 Broadcasting Allocation 

Donations to parties

Donations and loans to registered parties are reported separately in annual returns which are due on 30 April 2024.

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