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Candidate returns for Port Waikato by-election

Mar 28, 2024 | News

Candidate returns for the 2023 Port Waikato by-election have been published on the Electoral Commission’s website.

Candidates must report how much they spent on election advertising (their election expenses), whether they received donations that meet the thresholds for disclosure, and whether they received any loans.

A summary and downloadable copies of the returns are available here. 

The deadline for candidate returns was 26 March 2024.

Limits for election expenses

The spending limit was $65,200 (including GST) for a candidate’s election advertising expenses published during the regulated period.

The regulated period for the Port Waikato by-election started on 17 October and ended at midnight on 24 November.

Donation thresholds

Candidates must declare donations of more than $1,500.

Candidates are not allowed to keep donations of more than $50 from an overseas person or anonymous donations of more than $1,500.

More information about the Port Waikato by-election is available on our website. 

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