2022 Hamilton West by-election Overview

28 November 2022
10 December 2022
Find results, statistics and candidate expenses and donations for the 2022 Hamilton West by-election.

Voting in the Hamilton West by-election is now closed.

You could enrol and vote in the by-election if you were eligible to vote in New Zealand elections and you had lived in the Hamilton West electorate for more than one month.

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If you were enrolled by Wednesday 2 November you were sent an EasyVote information pack in the mail. The pack included your personal EasyVote card and all the information you needed to vote.

If you enrolled after this date, you could still vote, but wouldn't get an EasyVote card. You could enrol right up to and on election day.

You can enrol or update your details online using your New Zealand driver licence, New Zealand passport or RealMe verified identity. Or you can call 0800 36 76 56 and ask for an enrolment form to be sent to you in the mail.

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About the electorate

The Hamilton West electorate comprises the Hamilton city suburbs west of the Waikato River including Melville, Frankton, Nawton, Pukete, and Te Rapa. It also includes Woodridge and parts of Flagstaff, which are east of the Waikato River.

A map of the Hamilton West electorate, showing the suburbs of Te Rapa, Woodridge, Pukete, Nawton, Western Heights, Frankton, Temple View, Melville and Fitzroy. The map also shows the greyed-out neighbouring electorates of Waikato, Hamilton East, and King Country
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