2022 Hamilton West by-election Rules for campaigning, expenses and donations

A number of rules apply to candidates standing in a parliamentary by-election. These are mainly around election advertisements (including the use of websites and social media), broadcasting, spending limits and donations.

Candidate advertising for the by-election could only be broadcast on television and radio between 2 November and 9 December.

Other types of advertising were allowed at any time up until 9 December, but all election advertising must have included a promoter statement.

There was a limit to how much a candidate can spend on election advertising published during the regulated period for the by-election. The regulated period for the Hamilton West by-election started on 20 October and ended at midnight on 9 December.

The spending limit was $61,100 (including GST) for a candidate’s election advertising expenses published during the regulated period. 

Candidate donations, and contributions to donations, of more than $1,500 (including GST) must be reported in the candidate return of expenses and donations after the by-election. Candidates are not allowed to keep donations of more than $50 from an overseas person or anonymous donations of more than $1,500.

More information about the campaign, advertising and donations rules can be found in the by-election Candidate Handbook and in the Advance Voting and Election Day rules factsheet.

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