2022 Hamilton West by-election Who you could vote for

In a by-election you have one vote for the candidate you want to be your local member of Parliament.

This is different from a general election when you have two votes – one for a party and the other for your local candidate.

These are the candidates who were standing in the Hamilton West by-election which took place on Saturday 10 December 2022.

Candidate name Party
DANSEY, Georgie   Labour Party
DICKSON, Gordon John Independent
DU PLOOY, Rudi New Conservative + One Party
FU, Frank Independent
McDOWALL, James ACT New Zealand
OSMASTON, Richard Money Free Party
POCOCK, Naomi The Opportunities Party (TOP)
POKERE-PHILLIPS, Donna NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party
POTAKA, Tama National Party
SHARMA, Gaurav New Zealand Momentum Party
TAIT, Jade Vision New Zealand
WAKEMAN, Peter Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party
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