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The Family Party - applications to register party name, abbreviation, & logo

Nov 27, 2007 | News

The Electoral Commission is considering applications made under Part 4 of the Electoral Act 1993 to register The Family Party (Family Party) and this logo.


The applicant is Anne Williamson, party secretary, 17 Robina Court, Burswood, Manukau 2013.  The party's addresses are: The Family Party, 'The Hub' Linnet Place, PO Box 43064, Mangere East 2024,,

Registration of a party is needed to contest the party vote.  Registration of a logo is needed for it to appear on a ballot paper. Registration may be refused if: a name or logo is indecent, offensive, misleading, confusing, refers to a title or an honour; a logo infringes an intellectual property right; a party seeking registration does not have 500 members; or an application is made incorrectly.

Public comment is invited to PO Box 3050, Wellington 6140, fax 04-474 0674, email to arrive by midday, Thu, 13 Dec 07. For more information see, email or phone 04-474 0670 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.



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