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Job vacancy - resource developer and workshop presenter

Nov 29, 2007 | Media release

A lively, motivated and experienced (1) creator and (2) presenter of educational resources is wanted from early February to the end of June 2008 to help the Electoral Commission increase electoral participation.

The need could be met by one person or two people on shorter, sequential engagements.  Expressions of interest close 29 November 2007. 


We want to motivate and resource community leaders of many types so that they can empower and educate others to participate in elections.


We know that those who do not participate in elections are disproportionately young, poor, and Māori or of a Pacific background.  We also know that many older people, people with disabilities, and people who have trouble with English do not feel confident in their ability to understand elections and to take part.  Building upon research based understanding of the attitudes and behaviours of non-voters we have a good idea of what will encourage changes to attitude and behaviour.  The best people to deliver these messages are those within the community already talking to and trusted by the people we want to reach.  So the aim is to start a cascade of change by influencing and resourcing those who can influence others.


Lively and effective tailored workshop presentations will reach a wide range of community leaders around the country drawing on prepared, modular material.  The sessions will cover details of the election process plus what we know about why people do not participate, and ideas and techniques for encouraging participation.  Delivery styles will include half day train-the-trainer sessions, teacher PD, stakeholder briefings, and occasional interactive sessions in educational and community settings with current or future electors.  The presentation team will spend two or three days in an area and present to a variety of groups such as kaumatua and rangatahi leaderships, community and service providers with clients in the target groups, student gatherings, teachers, regional news media, local political organisations and candidates.  The presentation team will comprise one existing person from the Electoral Commission plus the person hired for the role.  Some of the work will be in collaboration with field staff of the Electoral Enrolment Centre or Chief Electoral Office.  Between each block of presentations the team would spend a couple of days back in the office in Wellington.

The employment opportunities

There are two modules of work: preparing the resources and then their delivery.  We are seeking people interested in either or both components.  Resource preparation would be done during term 1 (February, March, early April) and roadshow delivery in term 2 (late April, May, June).  There is a possibility that related work, including more roadshow delivery could extend into terms three and four but this will not be known before April 2008 (but the appointee would be under no prior obligation to extend).  The position(s) will be based at the commission’s central Wellington offices.

Suitable people could come from fields such as teaching, communications, or community development, and they will certainly have strong personal affinity with one or more of the priority audiences intended to be directly or indirectly reached by this initiative.

Salary will be based on a pro-rate of $35-52,000 (depending on the person) and 20 days annual leave, plus any statutory holidays falling during the employment period.  Relocation assistance is not available, but flexible working arrangements are.

More information about the Electoral Commission and our existing educational work is at

How to apply

At this stage we are seeking expressions of interest only, e-mailed to by 7am, Thursday, 29 November 2007.  This expression of interest should be no more than about three A4 typed pages or equivalent, describe why this opportunity appeals to you and what you would bring to it, including mention of relevant aspects of your educational, professional, community and personal background.  A shortlist will then be invited to prepare a fuller application.

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