Enrolment and resources

Find out about how you can encourage enrolment and the resources and roll information that are available to candidates in election year.

Enrolment update campaign

Before every general election, we send a personalised letter to every enrolled elector to make sure they are correctly enrolled and ready to vote.

There will be follow up advertising telling people if they did not get an update pack they need to enrol or update their details.

Voters need to be enrolled by writ day to be sent an EasyVote card. EasyVote cards are sent out to voters at the beginning of the advance voting period. Voters who enrol after writ day will have to do a special declaration vote.

Encouraging enrolment

Candidates play an important role in encouraging electors to enrol and take part in elections. We can provide you with user-friendly resources to use as part of your canvassing activities.

We produce a range of resources in different languages that include information about enrolling and voting.

Find out more about our resources

Rolls and enrolment information

The Electoral Act provides that candidates can purchase electoral information in hard copy or electronic form for the purposes of their campaigns.

For information on the application process and the prescribed fees, email data@elections.govt.nz or phone the Data Co-ordinator on (04) 495 0030.

Checking your enrolment

Prior to nominations, you should check and update your enrolment details, if, for example, you have changed address.

Checking and updating enrolment details is easy. You can go to our website vote.nz and follow the instructions.

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