2020 General Election & referendums Registered promoter expenses for the 2020 General Election

See a summary of how much registered promoters spent on advertising for the 2020 General Election and referendums.

Registered promoters only had to file a return if they spent more than $100,000

Only registered promoters for the 2020 General Election and referendums who spent more than $100,000 on election advertising, or more than $100,000 on referendum advertising with respect to either referendum, published during the regulated period (18 August to 16 October) had to send us a return of their expenses. These expense returns were due on Wednesday, 17 February 2021.

Registered promoter expense limits and joint advertisements

Registered promoters had an expense limit of $338,000 (including GST) for the general election and $338,000 (including GST) for each of the referendums.

The full cost of any joint advertisement must be counted towards each relevant expense limit. A joint advertisement was any of the following:

  • a referendum advertisement that also met the definition of an election advertisement
  • a single referendum advertisement covering both referendums
  • a single advertisement covering both referendums and the election.

Summary of promoter election and referendum expenses

This table shows the registered promoters that sent us returns for the 2020 General Election and referendums.

Please note some registered promoters filed returns with us even though they were not required to because they had not incurred any election or referendum expenses or had spent less than $100,000. These returns have still been published below.

Registered promoter Election Expenses Cannabis Referendum Expenses End of Life Choice Act Referendum Expenses  
Elevate Christian Disability Trust Nil Nil Nil PDF, 168KB
Family First New Zealand $141,224.34 $141,224.34 $141,224.34 PDF, 172KB
Hobson's Pledge Trust Nil Nil Nil PDF, 1MB
Make It Legal Aotearoa, New Zealand Nil $104,780.84 Nil PDF, 321KB
New Zealand Council of Trade Unions $5,692.14 Nil Nil PDF, 159KB
NZ Drug Foundation Nil $337,241.67 Nil PDF, 241KB
NZ Council of Licensed Firearms Owners Incorporated Nil Nil Nil PDF, 332KB
Public Service Association Nil Nil Nil PDF, 408KB
Safer Future Charitable Trust Nil Nil $335,678.92 PDF, 1.4MB
SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) NZ Coalition Nil $320,300.00 Nil PDF, 5MB
Sinead Donnelly Nil Nil $129,258.33 PDF, 4.7MB
Voice for Life Nil Nil Nil PDF, 250KB
Vote No to End of Life Act Nil Nil $313,633.13 PDF, 213KB
Yes for Compassion Nil Nil $329,539.82 PDF, 2.2MB
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