2020 General Election & referendums Broadcasting allocation for the 2020 General Election

See how much money we allocated to parties for broadcast advertising during the 2020 General Election.

Parliament gave us $3,605,000 plus GST ($4,145, 750 incl GST) to allocate to registered parties.

Learn more about how parties can use the broadcasting allocation

You can download our full decision at the bottom of this page. The decision includes information on how we allocated the money.

This table shows how much money we allocated to each eligible party.

TOTAL allocated $4,145,741 $4,145,750
TOTAL available $4,145,750 $4,145,750
Political Party Original Allocation (inclusive of GST) Varied Allocation (inclusive of GST)
Parties eligible for share of broadcasting allocation
The New Zealand National Party $1,285,182 $1,335,255
New Zealand Labour Party $1,202,267 $1,249,111
The Greens, The Green Party of Aotearoa/New Zealand $310,931 $323,046
New Zealand First Party $310,931 $323,046
ACT New Zealand $145,101 $150,755
Māori Party $145,101 $150,755
The Opportunities Party (TOP) $145,101 $150,755
Advance New Zealand Party $62,186 $64,609
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party $62,186 $64,609
New Conservative $62,186 $64,609
New Zealand Democratic Party for Social Credit $51,821 $53,840
NZ Outdoors Party $51,821 $53,840
Sustainable New Zealand Party $51,821 $53,840
Vision New Zealand $51,821 $53,840
ONE Party $41,457 $53,840
Parties not eligible for allocation
Direct Democracy New Zealand $41,457  
Future Party $41,457  
Internet Party $41,457  
Oytcho-Visha $41,457  

To be eligible for an allocation, parties must:

  • have given notice to the Commission by 28 February 2020.
  • must have registered by the date of dissolution of Parliament on 6 September.
  • must have submited a party list by noon on 17 September.

Parties that did not fulfil all these requirements were not eligible to receive an allocation.

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