2017 General Election Register of promoters for the 2017 General Election

See the list of individuals and groups who registered as promoters for the 2017 General Election.

A promoter had to register with us if it spent, or intended to spend, over $12,600 (including GST) on election advertising during the 3 months before election day.

Registered promoters had to put their name and address on any election advertisements they published.

Read the rules promoters have to follow during elections

Registered promoters that spent more than $100,000 had to send us returns of their expenses.

See the registered promoter expense returns for the 2017 General Election

Register of promoters

We list promoters in the order that they registered.

Name Person who applied People in a position comparable with director Trustees Registration status
NZEI Te Riu Roa Paul Goulter Lynda Stuart   Registered 18 January 2018
Tertiary Education Union Sharn Riggs Sandra Grey Not applicable Registered 18 August 2017
New Zealand Aged Care Association Simon Wallace Simon O'Dowd Not applicable Registered 8 August 2017
New Zealand Union of Students' Associations Jonathan Gee Jonathan Gee, Lance Walsh, Melissa Evans, Will Matthews, Moana Potaka, Danyon Thomas, Nikita Skipper, Hugh Baird, Poihaere Whare, Virgil Iraia, Rory Lenihan-Ikin Not applicable Registered 3 August 2017
New Zealand Taxpayers' Union Jordan Williams John Bishop, David Farrar, Sashi Meanger, Jordan Williams Not applicable Registered 19 July 2017
Family First New Zealand Bob McCoskrie Not applicable Bob McCoskrie, Ross Wilcox, David Sharp, Sue Reid, Mark Hunter, Bruce Logan, Nick Tuitasi Registered 19 July 2017
ActionStation Aotearoa Marianne Elliott Not applicable Not applicable Registered 27 June 2017
NZPSA Erin Polaczuk Erin Polaczuk
Glenn Barclay
Not applicable Registered 27 June 2017
New Zealand Council of Trade Unions Richard Wagstaff Richard Wagstaff Not applicable Registered 22 June 2017
New Zealand Nurses Organisation Memo Musa Memo Musa Not applicable Registered 20 June 2017
E tū Incorporated (INC) Bill Newson Muriel Tunoho, John Ryall Not applicable Registered 19 June 2017
Post Primary Teachers' Association Te Wehengarua Michael Stevenson Michael Stevenson Not applicable Registered 3 April 2017
Hobson's Pledge Trust Sarah Taylor Not applicable Donald Brash, Cassandra Costello, Michael Butler, Peter Shirtcliffe Registered 9 January 2017
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