2017 General Election Electoral Commission report on the 2017 General Election

Read a summary of our report on the 2017 General Election, and download the full report at the bottom of this page.

The Minister of Justice presented the report to Parliament on 18 April 2018.

You can see 2017 election facts and figures at a glance at the front of the report.

Part 1 sets out key features of the election

Part 1 of the report sets out the key features of the general election, including:

  • increased voter turnout
  • increased enrolment after the election was announced and in voting places
  • increased overseas, advance and special votes
  • more accessible locations for voting places, including malls and supermarkets
  • how we’re encouraging participation
  • the official results process
  • compliance with campaign rules.

Part 2 sets out our recommendations for future elections

Part 2 of the report sets out what needs to be considered for future elections. Our recommendations include:

  • streamlining the special vote process to reduce the impact of the growth of special votes on the timeliness of election results
  • making enrolling online more accessible to reduce late enrolment
  • removing restrictions on voting place locations
  • addressing barriers that affect voters on the unpublished roll, voters living in remote places and disabled voters.
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