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Applications to register substitute political party logos

Jul 10, 2020

The Electoral Commission is considering applications to register substitute political party logos for the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party and NZ Outdoors Party.

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Get ready for the election

Jul 6, 2020

It’s time to get ready to vote in the 2020 General Election and referendums.

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Enrolment update on track to start next week

Jul 2, 2020

The Electoral Commission says the enrolment update for the 2020 General Election will start next week as planned.

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Be part of the election team

Jun 9, 2020

Hiring is underway for the 2020 General Election with people needed to fill over 25,000 roles.


Application to Register Political Party and Logo

Jun 5, 2020

The Electoral Commission is considering an application made under Part 4 of the Electoral Act 1993 to register ONE Party.


2020 Broadcasting Allocation Decision Released

May 29, 2020

The Electoral Commission has released its decision on the allocation of funding to political parties for election advertising on radio, television and the internet for the 2020 General Election.

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Safety at the election

May 12, 2020

A range of measures will be put in place to help make it safe for voters and election workers to...


2019 Party donations and loans returns

May 5, 2020

The 2019 party returns of donations and loans have been published on the Electoral Commission website

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Kua whakatauhia ngā ingoa rohe pōti me ngā rohenga

Apr 17, 2020

Kua whakatauhia ngā ingoa me ngā rohenga o ngā rohe pōti mō ngā pōtitanga whānui e rua e heke mai nei.

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