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Job vacancy - resource developer and workshop presenter

Nov 29, 2007

A lively, motivated and experienced (1) creator and (2) presenter of educational resources is wanted from early February to the end of June 2008 to help the Electoral Commission increase electoral participation.


The Family Party - applications to register party name, abbreviation, & logo

Nov 27, 2007

The Electoral Commission is considering applications made under Part 4 of the Electoral Act 1993 to register The Family Party (Family Party) and its logo.

Media release

Public uncertain over campaigning restrictions – commission survey

Nov 21, 2007

The Electoral Commission has released a July 2007 poll, taken just before the Electoral Finance Bill was introduced, which shows 67 percent support for the proposition that any individual or group should be able to run an election-related campaign as long as they are clearly identified and spend within a set limit.


Building interest in politics key to voter turnout – survey results

Nov 16, 2007

The Electoral Commission says its latest survey shows those involved in politics need to make it more interesting to average and young New Zealand if more are to vote in elections, and MPs in particular need to do more to explain what their job involves to an uncertain public.


Destiny New Zealand removed from party register

Oct 18, 2007

The Electoral Commission resolved today (18 October 2007) to remove Destiny New Zealand from the register of political parties and to cancel the registration of its logo.


Final electorate boundaries - summary of major features

Oct 1, 2007

An additional electorate is being created in the south of Auckland named Botany.

Media release

2007 Representation Commission final electorate boundaries - questions and answers

Sept 25, 2007

How do the final electorate boundaries differ from the proposed electorate boundaries released in May 2007?

Media release

New Electorate Boundaries Finalised

Sept 25, 2007

New boundaries for the country’s 63 general and seven Māori electorates have been finalised – with a completely new electorate named Botany created in Auckland.


Three parties less chasing party vote

Sept 5, 2007

New Zealand Family Rights Protection Party, OUTDOOR RECREATION NZ, and Te Tawharau have each been removed at the party's request from the Electoral Commission's register of political parties able to contest the party vote at general elections.

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