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Tauranga by-election preliminary results

Jun 18, 2022 | Media release

The Electoral Commission has released the preliminary results for the 18 June 2022 parliamentary by-election in the Tauranga electorate.

Tauranga by-election preliminary results, 18 June 2022
Candidate Name Party Number of votes
UFFINDELL, Sam National Party 10,931
TINETTI, Jan Labour Party 4,893
LUXTON, Cameron ACT New Zealand 1,991
GREY, Sue NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party 917
HOLLIS, Andrew New Nation Party 245
CAWOOD, Allan ONE Party 171
COKER, Christopher Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 98
HOUGHTON, Helen New Conservative 92
WAKEMAN, Peter Independent 16
LAMARE, Yvette Independent 15
CORBETT, Tony Independent 13
DICKSON, Gordon Independent 4
Candidate informals   17
TOTAL   19,403

The preliminary results are based on the 19,403 ordinary votes counted on election night.

 Special declaration votes still to be counted are estimated to be 1,500 (7.2% of total votes).  This includes an estimated 54 overseas votes and 1,446 special votes taken within the electorate.

 The total estimated votes (those counted on election night plus estimated special votes to be counted) are 20,903.

 Voter turnout for the 2022 Tauranga by-election is estimated to be 40.6% of the 51,510 enrolled prior to election day. That compares with 44% turnout at the Northcote by-election in 2018, 30% at the Mt Albert by-election in 2017 and 38% at the Mt Roskill by-election in 2016.

An estimated 73% of votes were cast in advance, excluding special votes.

The preliminary results, including results by voting place, are available at

The official results process starts tomorrow Sunday 19 June. All votes counted on election night will be recounted. Special declaration votes will be processed and counted. The target to release the official results for the Tauranga by-election is Friday 1 July. 




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