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2020 voter and non-voter survey

May 18, 2021 | News

A survey of voters and non-voters taken after the 2020 General Election and referendums shows high levels of satisfaction with the voting process.

The survey of more than a thousand people was conducted by Kantar New Zealand on behalf of the Electoral Commission and is available to view on the Commission’s website.

A survey is conducted after each general election to measure voter satisfaction with the services provided.

95% of those surveyed after the 2020 election rated the voting process 4 or 5 out of 5 (94% in 2017). Satisfaction increased across all groups: 95% for youth (88% in 2017), 95% for Māori (88% in 2017), 96% for Pasifika (95% in 2017), 98% for Asian (91% in 2017) and 94% for disabled voters (92% in 2017).


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