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2020 General Election official results

Nov 6, 2020 | Media release

The Electoral Commission has declared the official results for the 2020 General Election and referendums.

Party vote - main points

National has two fewer seats and Labour and the Māori Party each have one more:

  • The number of seats in Parliament will be 120.
  • The Labour Party has 65 seats compared with 64 on election night.
  • The National Party has 33 seats compared with 35 on election night.
  • The Māori Party has 2 seats compared with 1 on election night.
  • ACT New Zealand and the Green Party remain unchanged with 10 seats each.

Electorate vote - main points

Three electorate results have changed since election night:

  • Labour Party candidate Priyanca Radhakrishnan has won Maungakiekie with a majority of 635 votes over National Party candidate Denise Lee.
  • Labour Party candidate Willow-Jean Prime has won Northland with a majority of 163 votes over National Party candidate Matt King.
  • Labour Party candidate Emily Henderson has won Whangārei with a majority of 431 votes over National Party candidate Shane Reti.
  • All other electorate candidates leading on election night have been confirmed as winning their seats.

Key statistics

  • The total number of votes cast was 2,919,086.
  • The number of special votes was 504,625, 17% of total votes (2017 - 17%).
  • 68% of votes were cast in advance (2017 - 47%).
  • 82.2% of people who were enrolled voted (2017 - 79.8%). This is the highest turnout since 1999 (84.8%).
  • The final enrolment rate was 94.1% (2017 - 92.4%), the highest since 2008 (95.3%).


The official results for the General Election held on 17 October 2020 have been determined in accordance with the requirements of electoral legislation.

The scrutiny of the rolls has been completed and the master roll for each electorate has been prepared.

All votes counted on election night have been counted a second time and balanced, and special votes have been checked for eligibility before being counted. This has been done in the presence of Justices of the Peace and any scrutineers appointed by candidates.

Comprehensive audit checks have also been completed at the national level to ensure the results are accurate.

The results are subject to any applications for judicial recounts.

Details of the official results are available from

Overall results – 2020 General Election

  Total votes cast 2,919,086*
Party Party votes % of votes Electorate seats List seats Total seats
Labour Party 1,443,546 50.0 46 19 65
National Party 738,275 25.6 23 10 33
Green Party 226,754 7.9 1 9 10
ACT New Zealand 219,030 7.6 1 9 10
Māori Party 33,632 1.2 1 1 2
New Zealand First Party 75,021 2.6 - - -
The Opportunities Party (TOP) 43,449 1.5 - - -
New Conservative 42,615 1.5 - - -
Advance NZ 28,434 1.0 - - -
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 13,329 0.5 - - -
ONE Party 8,121 0.3 - - -
Vision New Zealand 4,236 0.1 - - -
NZ Outdoors Party 3,256 0.1 - - -
TEA Party 2,415 0.1 - - -
Sustainable New Zealand Party 1,880 0.1 - - -
Social Credit 1,520 0.1 - - -
HeartlandNZ 914 0.0 - - -
Total valid votes 2,886,427   72 48 120

*Includes 21,378 party informal votes and 11,281 disallowed votes. The results are calculated using the Sainte-Laguë formula.


A separate media release has been issued on the results of the referendums held with the election.

Successful candidates (electorate and list)

The names of the 120 successful candidates (electorate and list) are shown in alphabetical order under their parties in Attachment A.

The winning electorate candidates and their majorities are shown in Attachment B.

Detailed results for each electorate

Detailed results for each electorate are available from

Turnout and special votes

The turnout of voters as a percentage of enrolled voters was 82.2%. Turnout in the Māori electorates was 69.1% (2017 – 66.7%), the highest since 1999 (70.65%). Turnout for each electorate is shown in Attachment B.

Special votes cast totalled 504,625, or 17% of total votes cast, including 62,787 overseas votes.


94.1% of estimated eligible voters were enrolled, up from 92.4% in 2017, and the highest enrolment rate since 2008 (95.3%). 80.7% of 18- to 29-year-olds were enrolled compared with 75.5% in 2017.

For the first time, people could enrol on election day. Approximately 80,000 people enrolled or updated their details on election day.

Declaration and judicial recounts

The official results were declared by Gazette Notice today. Any applications for a judicial recount must be filed with a District Court no later than Wednesday 11 November 2020.

Next steps

If there are no applications for recounts, on Thursday 12 November 2020, the Electoral Commission will return the writ to the Clerk of the House of Representatives, allocate list seats in the presence of party scrutineers and declare by Gazette Notice the election of list members of Parliament.

If there are applications for judicial recounts, the return of the writ and the election of list members will be delayed until any recounts are complete.

Further statistics

Detailed information, including allocation of list seats, voting place information and special vote statistics, is expected to be available, subject to recounts, by Friday 20 November 2020 at

A breakdown of turnout by age and Māori and non-Māori descent will be available at the end of November.


  • Attachment A - List of successful candidates
  • Attachment B - Winning electorate candidates, margins and turnout

Media contact: For more information contact Clare Pasley on 027 552 7845 or email

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