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Applications to register a political party and a party logo

Apr 1, 2008 | News

The Electoral Commission is considering applications made under Part 4 of the Electoral Act 1993 to register the following political party and political party logo:

Political party name (and abbreviation): New World Order (N W O)
Applicant: Nathan Couper, party secretary, 46 Wallis St, Raglan

Political party logo: The Kiwi Party


Registration of a party is needed for it to contest the party vote at general elections. Registration of a logo is needed for it to appear on a ballot paper. Registration may be refused if: a name or logo is indecent, offensive, misleading, confusing, refers to a title or an honour, infringes an intellectual property right (in the case of a logo), or an application is made incorrectly.

Public comment is invited to PO Box 3050, Wellington 6140, fax 04-474 0674, email to arrive by 5pm, Thu 17 Apr 08.

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