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Young people don't care about voting: Yeah right!

May 12, 2005 | Media release

Young New Zealanders are putting their hands up to be counted at this year's General Election, if new figures are anything to go by.

"The number of 17 year olds who have signed up to be automatically enrolled to vote once they turn 18 has doubled since the start of the year," says Murray Wicks, National Manager of the Electoral Enrolment Centre.

Approximately 8,000 young people were provisionally enrolled in January this year, that's climbed to over 16,000 today.

"There's a bit of stereotype out there that young people don't care about voting.  These figures show there is interest, but I challenge other young Kiwis to take on this stereotype during National Youth week and take steps to change it," says Mr Wicks.

National Youth Week runs from May 9, and the RE:DEFINE national campaign aims to highlight stereotypes and challenge the public to think again.

"Now is the time to get enrolled.  The Electoral Enrolment Centre is running a major enrolment drive right now through the Enrolment Update Campaign," says Mr Wicks.

"If you've got a mobile phone it's easy to get enrolled.  Just send us a text with your name and address to 3676 and you'll get an enrolment form.  Fill it in and send it back and you'll be set up to vote once you turn 18 or if you are already over 18."

Enrolment forms are available by calling 0800 ENROL NOW (0800 36 76 56), freetexting your name and address to 3676, visiting any PostShop or going online to You can also check and update your details online at the website.

Provisional enrolment allows people under 18 to register to be enrolled. [457 More information] is available including copies of the brochure Enrolling to vote before you're 18 (.pdf 334KB)

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