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Election day countdown to getting enrolled

Jul 26, 2005 | Media release

The equivalent of all the residents of five New Zealand provincial cities still are not enrolled to vote at this year's 17 September election, the Electoral Enrolment Centre revealed today.

"The announcement of this year's election date gives New Zealanders just three weeks to get on the printed electoral rolls used on Election Day," says Electoral Enrolment Centre National Manager, Murray Wicks.

"Our estimates show some 222,800 eligible voters still aren't enrolled. That's the same as everyone in Whangarei, Rotorua, New Plymouth, Nelson and Timaru combined not being able to vote.

"To make sure your name is on the electoral roll used in polling places on election day you have to get enrolled now.

"The cut off date for getting on these printed Election Day electoral rolls is Wednesday 17 August," says Mr Wicks.

Currently 2.767 million people or 92.5 percent of eligible voters are enrolled to vote.

In 2002 2.612 million people, or 92.7 percent of eligible voters were enrolled at the time rolls were printed. By Election Day this had grown to 2.670 million people or 94.2 percent of eligible voters.

"If you're not on the printed electoral roll by Wednesday 17 August you will have to cast a special declaration vote on Election Day. This takes about five times as long as normal," says Mr Wicks.

People who are on the electoral rolls will also get an EasyVote pack in the mail, which makes voting easier by providing an EasyVote card, lists of where to vote, lists of parties and candidates and information about MMP.

To enrol to vote people can get an enrolment form from 0800 36 76 56, Freetext their name and address to 3676, visit a PostShop or go online to People can check their enrolment details online as well.


For more information please contact Murray Wicks, National Manager 04 8010 701 or 027 249 4508, or Anna Hughes, Communications Advisor 027 28 28 827.

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