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Election broadcasting allocations announced

Apr 18, 2005 | Media release

The Electoral Commission has released its unanimous decision for the allocation of broadcasting time and advertising funds to eligible registered political parties contesting the general election.

All 20 parties claiming eligibility are to get a share of $3.212m of advertising funds and the 102 minutes of opening and closing address time on each of TVNZ and National Radio.  They range from $1.1m and 18 minutes for the Labour Party down to $10,000 and 1 minute each for eight of the smallest parties.  Five of them are new parties yet to apply for the party registration they will need in order to use their allocations.

For the first time since 1996, the two major parties have been given different dollar allocations, with National Party receiving $200,000 less than Labour Party (but the same address time).

"In applying the criteria we're required to by the law, Labour was clearly ahead of National in terms of MPs today, its vote last time, opinion polls and membership," says commission chief executive Dr Helena Catt.  Applying the criteria across all 20 parties saw them sorted into seven allocation bands.

Chief executive Dr Helena Catt says the promised increased funding for 2005 meant the Commission could properly meet the law's requirement that it consider ensuring all parties had the opportunity of television exposure.

"As well as time and funds, we're also offering a television production package to the 12 parties receiving a minute's opening address to ensure they are able to air their platforms to voters," says Dr Catt.



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