How to donate

There are many ways you can donate money, goods, or services to a party or candidate. You will be identified as a donor if you donate over a certain amount. If you donate anonymously, limits and rules apply.

The threshold for reporting donations

If you donate over $15,000 to a party or $1,500 to a candidate, they must report your name, address, and the value of the donation in their return. This could be a single donation, or donations adding up to the threshold figure.

Parties must file a return annually on 30 April. Candidates must file a return after an election.

If you donate over $30,000, the party must report your name, address, and the value of your donation to us within 10 working days.

You can donate anonymously

You can make an anonymous donation of up to a certain amount.

Anonymous donations up to $1,500

You can make an anonymous donation of up to $1,500 to a party or a candidate. Candidates and parties are not allowed to retain anonymous donations above this amount, unless they are ‘protected from disclosure’ — see below. Otherwise, if a candidate or party receives an anonymous donation, they may keep up to $1,500 of that donation. They must pass to us any money above that figure, within 20 working days.

Anonymous donations of more than $1,500 — donations protected from disclosure

If you are a 'New Zealand person' and want to make a donation to a party of more than $1,500 and do not want your identity to be disclosed to the party, you can make a ‘donation protected from disclosure’. You pay the money to the Electoral Commission, we put it together with any other donations protected from disclosure, and we pay it to the party in regular payments.

A ‘New Zealand person’ is someone who is not defined as an ‘overseas person’ in the Electoral Act.

An ‘overseas person’ is anyone who:

  • resides outside New Zealand and is not a New Zealand citizen or registered as an elector
  • is a body corporate incorporated outside of New Zealand
  • is an unincorporated body that has its head office or principal place of business outside of New Zealand.

The maximum for donations protected from disclosure

Using this method, as an individual or organisation, you can donate up to $52,563 to any one political party, between two successive elections. You can donate to more than one political party in this way, up to the $52,563 limit for each. If a donation will take you over your limit, we will return the excess to you.

Your donation can include contributions from other New Zealand persons, but overseas persons are not allowed to contribute to your donation.

You cannot tell anyone you’ve made a donation protected from disclosure

It’s illegal to indicate or suggest to anyone that you:

  • are going to make a donation protected from disclosure
  • have made a donation protected from disclosure.

How to make a donation protected from disclosure

To find out about making a donation protected from disclosure email us at

Cheques and bank drafts may no longer be accepted

As all major banks have removed the use of cheques and bank drafts as a payment option, the Electoral Commission is no longer be able to accept donations protected from disclosure by cheque or bank draft. If you wish to make a donation protected from disclosure please contact for a confidential discussion of options.

Records of donations protected from disclosure

Where to find out more about donating

More information about how donations are recorded is in the Party Secretary and Candidate handbooks.

Read the Party Secretary handbook
Read the Candidate handbook

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