Key dates for the 2023 General Election

The 2023 General Election was held on Saturday 14 October 2023. The table below sets out the key dates for candidates for the election:

Saturday 1 July Updated expense limits for the General Election apply
Friday 14 July Start of the regulated period for election advertising expenses
Saturday 12 August Election signs up to 3 square metres can go up, subject to local council rules about location. You can have larger signs or put up signs earlier subject to local council rules
Monday 28 August Candidate nominations open
Friday 8 September Dissolution of Parliament
Sunday 10 September Writ day – the Governor-General issues a formal direction to the Electoral Commission to hold the election
Electoral rolls close for printing - voters who enrol after this date cast special declaration votes
Candidate and party advertising on TV and radio may start
Noon Thursday 14 September Deadline for bulk nomination of electorate candidates and party lists
Noon Friday 15 September Deadline for nominations for candidates using the individual nomination process
Friday 15 September Voting place information available on
Wednesday 27 September Overseas voting begins
Monday 2 October Advance voting begins
No campaigning within 10 metres of advanced voting places
Thursday 5 October Cut off for NZ Post to receive election related mail for delivery
Friday 13 October Advance voting ends
Regulated period ends - all election advertising must end and signs taken down by midnight
Saturday 14 October Election day – voting places open from 9.00am to 7.00pm
Election night – preliminary results released progressively from 7.00pm on
Friday 3 November Official results declared
Wednesday 8 November Deadline for applications for judicial recount
Thursday 9 November Last day for return of the writ (subject to any recounts)
Friday 1 December Last day for invoices for election expenses to be sent to candidates
Wednesday 21 December Last day for Parliament to meet
Monday 22 January 2024 Last day for candidate election expenses to be paid
Wednesday 14 February 2024 Deadline for returns of candidate donations, election expenses and loans
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