What costs does the Fund pay for?

The Election Access Fund Te Tomokanga — Pūtea Whakatapoko Pōtitanga will pay for extra costs of being a candidate that people face as a result of their disability. It can be used to pay for the support and equipment you need to participate in the activities you need to do to stand for election. The Fund will not pay for the costs of activities that all candidates have to do to stand for Parliament. It will pay for disability-related costs you may have due to your disability that non-disabled candidates do not have. Please visit this link for examples of what the Fund might cover.   


Here are some examples of activities people do to get selected by a political party and to get voted into Parliament by the public.  The Fund can pay for extra support or equipment you need related to your disability to help you do these activities. 
Activities for party selection and list ranking could include: 

  • filling in forms 
  • being interviewed
  •  going to party events to meet party members
  •  going to party and branch meetings – in person and online
  •  going to party conferences
  •  attending training provided by the party. 

Activities for candidates to promote themselves to voters could include:  

  • participating in “meet the candidate” public meetings 
  • participating in candidate fundraising events  
  • attending events including meeting cultural requirements 
  • giving speeches, debating, answering questions 
  • sending emails, writing social media posts 
  • knocking on doors and meeting residents 
  • making phone calls 
  • posting fliers in letter boxes  
  • meeting people on a street corner, at a shopping mall, an event like at a farmers' market, or anywhere the public gathers 
  • putting up election hoardings (signs). 

Like all candidates you may need volunteers or paid staff to do some activities like leaflet drops and phone calling that are done by teams of people. If you are expected to do some of this work the Fund may be able to pay someone to assist who will do the parts you cannot do yourself due to your disability.


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