2014 General Election Electoral Commission report on the 2014 General Election

Read a summary of our report on the 2014 General Election, and download the full report at the bottom of this page.

The Minister of Justice presented the report to Parliament on 2 April 2015.

Two critical priorities: Promoting voter participation and meeting the changing needs of voters

The main points we’ve summarised at the front of the report cover the lessons learnt from the 2014 General Election. From those lessons, we identified two critical priorities:

  1. promoting voter participation needs to become a whole-of-government priority
  2. finding ways to meet the changing needs and expectations of voters.

Part 1 of the report sets out the context and strategy for the 2014 General Election.

Part 2 covers how we delivered the election and includes key information and statistics.

Part 3 sets out the legislative and administrative issues from the election and their implications for future elections. It also outlines our work to improve enrolment and voting services before the next election.

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