Votes for Women teaching resources

These teaching resources align with level 4 of the New Zealand Curriculum. Use them to connect the suffragists’ achievement to how voters engage with and take part in democracy today.

Links to the New Zealand Curriculum

Key competencies 

Students will be supported to develop the key competencies of:

  • thinking, by considering different viewpoints people have and deciding what they think about the topic themselves
  • relating to others, by listening to and understanding other people’s points of view
  • participating and contributing, by evaluating the issues and understanding the importance of participation in the electoral process.

Achievement objectives

Students will understand how:

  • the ways in which leadership of groups is acquired and exercised can have consequences for communities and societies
  • formal and informal groups make decisions that impact on communities
  • people participate individually and collectively in response to community challenges.

Conceptual understandings

Students will understand that:

  • people’s beliefs and values towards certain issues in society can be different
  • laws in society can be changed by people who work collectively to bring about change
  • when you gain a right, it usually has an associated responsibility, for example, gaining the right to vote also brings the responsibility of participating in the voting process
  • democracy is an inclusive process in that it gives the people a say in who makes the rules of a country.
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