Teaching voting at schools

Make your students active, enthusiastic citizens with Kids Voting – Te Pōti a Ngā Tamariki and our curriculum-based teaching units.

Kids Voting – Te Pōti a Ngā Tamariki

Kids Voting – Te Pōti a Ngā Tamariki is back for the 2020 General Election and referendums.

Teach your students about real candidates, parties and election issues, and give them a first-hand voting experience.

Find out more about Kids Voting – Te Pōti a Ngā Tamariki and register your school now

Teaching units

Use these units to help your students understand how voting works and encourage them to take part.

We have units that align with levels 3, 4 and 5 of the New Zealand Social Sciences Curriculum and level 5 of Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

This year, we are creating an entirely new resource to align with levels 1-2 of the New Zealand Social Sciences Curriculum. We’re also updating our existing resources to include new activities on media literacy.

The material is flexible, and you can adjust it to suit your students’ needs and experiences.

Have Your Say – New Zealand Curriculum levels 3 and 4

These units aim to encourage your students to have their say on decisions that affect their lives.

Teach your students about their democratic rights and responsibilities and about how they can influence what happens in their school and community.

Find out more and download the Have Your Say teaching units

Be Heard – New Zealand Curriculum level 5

These units explore the connection between voting, New Zealand's government and issues that local communities face.

Connect voting to your students’ own lives to deepen their understanding of how New Zealand's government works.

Find out more and download the Be Heard teaching units

Tūranga Mua, Tūranga Tika – Te Marautanga o Aotearoa level 5

These units explore the role of Māori in decision-making in the past, present and future.

Use them in Māori-medium classrooms to show students how Māori have met their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs by participating in democracy.

Find out more and download the Tūranga Mua, Tūranga Tika teaching units

Votes for Women – New Zealand Curriculum level 4

Use these units to develop your students’ understanding of the suffragists’ achievement and encourage them to take part in voting today.

Find out more and download the Votes for Women teaching units

Making Choices – New Zealand Curriculum level 1 and 2

Making Choices is about how students can make choices in their lives in order to meet their wants and needs. Students will also explore their role in society and how they can participate alongside other people.

Other resources for teaching civics at schools

There is a huge range of learning resources for both teachers and students from primary through to tertiary level.

New Zealand Parliament

Explore and learn more about Parliament and its processes both online and in person.

Find out more about New Zealand Parliament resources for educators and students

School Leavers’ Toolkit

Find practical advice and resources to help young people find their way after leaving school, including Te kāwanatanga me te pōte – Government and voting.

Find out more about the School Leavers’ Toolkit information on Government and Voting

The School Leavers’ Toolkit for teachers can direct you to a wide variety of resources from a range of providers including government agencies, education specialists and community organisations.

Visit the School Leavers’ Toolkit for Teachers website for more information

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