Registering as a promoter

This section explains the process of registering as a third party promoter with the Electoral Commission. We'll update information about expense limits and key dates for the 2020 General Election closer to the time.

Registration process

You must register as a registered promoter with the Electoral Commission if you intend to spend more than the limit for unregistered promoters on election advertisements published during the regulated period.

Registration must be:

  • on the application form
  • lodged with the Commission.

There is no fee payable to register as a promoter with the Commission.

Registration is easy and usually takes less than 2 working days.

You can download an application form at the bottom of this page.

Applying as an individual

If the promoter is an individual the application should be made by the person who wants to be registered as a promoter.

The promoter must provide their contact details including their street address, which will appear in the register. This means the full street address of the place where the promoter usually lives, or the full street address of any other place where the promoter can usually be contacted between the hours of 9am and 5pm on any working day. A Post Office box or website address is insufficient.

Applying on behalf of a group

For a body corporate or unincorporated body the name of the group and the individual who is authorised to apply to register the promoter will appear on the register. The full street address of the group’s principal place of business, or the full street address of the body’s head office must also be provided for inclusion on the register.

If the promoter is a company then the application must be accompanied by evidence documenting that the person is duly authorised by the board of directors to make the application, such as a letter signed by one or more directors.

Where the promoter is neither an individual nor a company the application must state the names of the persons occupying a position in the body that is comparable with that of a director of a company. If the promoter is a trust, you need to provide the names of the trustees.

The names of these persons are included on the public register to enable the public to see who is responsible for the body that is promoting the advertising.

Registration by the Electoral Commission

The Commission will not register a promoter whose name is indecent or offensive, likely to cause confusion or likely to mislead electors.

The applicant will be notified in writing, as soon as is reasonably practicable, either of the date of registration or of the reasons for refusal.

Register of promoters

Promoters registered with the Commission are arranged in order of the date on which their application was processed by the Commission. The Register is available for inspection at the Commission’s offices.

Any change in a registered promoter’s details as shown on the Register must be notified to the Commission in writing within 10 working days of the change.

See the register of promoters for the 2020 General Election

Cancellation of registration

A promoter can cancel their registration if the promoter has not spent more on election advertisements more than the limit for unregistered promoters during the regulated period. Any request should be made to the Commission in writing.

The Commission will cancel the registration of a promoter who is not eligible to be registered, or if the promoter requests the cancellation, and the promoter has not spent more than the limit for unregistered promoters on election advertising expenses during the regulated period. The Commission will give the promoter written confirmation of the cancellation.

A registered promoter’s registration for an election will automatically expire at the close of election day following the promoter’s registration.