Third Party handbook for the 2020 General Election


This section explains when and how you must report your expenses if you spend $100,000.

If you spent over $100,000, you must report your advertising expenses to us

If you spent over $100,000 on election advertising, you must report your election expenses to us.

If you spent over $100,000 on referendum advertising for either of the referendums, you must also report your referendum expenses.

You don’t have to record or report any donations to your campaign.

Send us your return within 70 working days of election day (17 February 2021)

You must send us any return of your expenses within 70 working days of election day (17 February 2021).

Use the Registered Promoter Expenses Return form to make your return. Contact us and ask for the form.

You can use the one form to report expenses for the general election and each of the referendums.

The form will guide you through the returns process

The return form includes detailed advice about how to complete your return and send it to us.

We may need you to get an auditor’s report

We may need you to get an auditor’s report if we have reasonable grounds to believe that your return may contain any false or misleading information.

It’s an offence to not send us your return of expenses

If you fail to meet any of the requirements for your return of expenses, you’re committing an offence. We may refer you to New Zealand Police.

We’ll release your return to the public

We’ll publish your return on our website. Members of the public can also visit us to view the return forms.

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