Party registration handbook

Applying for cancellation

The party secretary or an MP, who is a current financial member of the party, can apply to cancel the registration of a party and/or logo. The application should be made in writing to the Electoral Commission.

Cancellation initiated by the Electoral Commission

The Commission must cancel a party’s registration upon being satisfied that the party has less than 500 current financial members.

Where the party’s registration is cancelled, the Commission will also cancel the party’s logo. A party’s logo will also be cancelled where the Commission is satisfied the use of the logo by the party constitutes an infringement of an intellectual property right or a breach of an enactment.

A registered party having less than 500 members

The Commission’s may require a party to provide a list of the party’s current financial members where it is considering the cancellation of the registration of the party because the number of current financial members of the party who are eligible to enrol may have fallen below 500.

Any request for the party list of members will be made to the party secretary in writing. The Commission will generally allow two weeks for the party to supply the list of members.

Process for cancellation

The Commission’s Board determines the cancellation of registration of a party or a logo. Where the party has not initiated a party or logo cancellation, the Commission will raise its concerns with the party and provide an opportunity to comment before the matter is determined by the Board.

Where the Commission’s Board decides to cancel a party’s registration, it will:

  • update the Register of Political Parties available online at
  • notify the party secretary (if he or she is not the applicant) in writing that the party is to be cancelled and the reason for cancellation, and 
  • give notice of cancellation in the Gazette and on the Commission’s website.

Where a party has had its registration cancelled and subsequently applies to register as a party this will be treated as a new application. The $500 application fee will apply and all the documentation for a new application must be provided to the Commission.

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