Party registration handbook

Variation of party name

An application to change the name or the abbreviation of the name of a registered political party must be in writing and made by the party secretary or an MP who is a current financial member of the party.

There is usually no need for the applicant to re-submit membership evidence or the statutory declarations for an application to vary the party name. However, you should check with the Electoral Commission if the name is changing significantly.

The applicant may submit a change of logo application at the same time. Please seek the advice of the Commission if you want to vary the name of a party that is in the process of registering as a political party. The Commission may require additional evidence from the applicant where an unregistered party has changed names since membership evidence has been collected.

Variation of party logo

A party secretary or an MP who is a current financial member of the party can apply to change the party logo. An application can be to:

  • vary the form of the current party logo
  • substitute a new party logo, or
  • amend the party logo to refer to the new name of the party where there has been a change in the party name.

The documents to be submitted for a variation application are the same as for a logo application (see Part 3).

If registered parties merge to form umbrella and component parties, the umbrella party may register a different logo from any component party. For more information on umbrella and component parties, please see Appendix E.

Process for variation of party name or logo

There is no fee for an application to vary a party name or logo.

The Commission will undertake the same public consultation process, decision making and notification processes for a change of name application or logo variation as for an application to register a party or logo (see Part 2).

A party is only able to register one name, abbreviated name and logo at any given time for use on the ballot paper. Where a registered party varies its logo the previous registered logo is shown with the Register of Political Parties.

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