Key dates for registered parties in an election year

We'll update this information when key dates for the 2020 General Election are announced.

Event Date Notes
Parties give notice to be considered for broadcasting allocation   Parties are required to notify the Electoral Commission that they want to be considered for the broadcasting allocation (parties do not have to be registered at this point).
Annual reporting by parties for the previous calendar year 1 May Deadline for filing annual return of party donations and loans return and section 71A statutory declaration (also a requirement in non-election years).
Start of regulated period Three months before election day Election advertising published during the regulated period is subject to expense limits and must be included in the party and/or candidates’ expense returns.
Registration deadline to be eligible for the broadcasting allocation Dissolution of Parliament Parties must be registered by this date to be eligible for the broadcasting allocation. By convention Parliament is dissolved on a Friday.
Registration deadline to contest the party vote Writ day Parties must be registered by writ day to contest the party vote. Once the writ has been issued the Commission can receive the nomination of candidates and the lodgement of party lists.
Nomination day Tuesday after writ day Nomination day is usually the Tuesday after writ day. Noon on nomination day is the deadline for individual nominations and the lodgment of party lists. The deadline for bulk nomination of candidates and submission of party lists by registered parties is noon the day before nomination day.
Election day   Preliminary results are released on election night.
Official results declared 14 days after election day Return of the writ Four working days after publishing the official results The writ is endorsed with the names of candidates who won electorate seats and are returned to Parliament. The allocation of list seats by the Commission and the election of list members typically occurs on the same day.
Electorate candidates’ returns of expenses and donations due 70 working days after election day This is the last date for filing candidate returns for the election.
Parties’ returns of election expenses due 90 working days after election day This is the last date for filing audited party returns for the election.