Summary of election advertising rules for electorate candidates

We will update this information once key dates for the 2020 General Election are announced.

Broadcast advertising When broadcasts allowed Must be authorised by1 Electorate candidate expense?
Candidate promoting party, candidate and party, or attacking another party or candidate Not allowed Not applicable Not applicable
Promoting electorate candidate only (not using broadcasting allocation2) Election period Electorate candidate Yes (and the value is a donation if paid for by the party or campaign supporter)


Non-broadcast advertising Period for which counted as election expense3 Must be authorised by1 Electorate candidate expense?
Promoting party or attacking party or candidate Regulated period  Party secretary No
Promoting both electorate candidate and party Regulated period  Both the party secretary and electorate candidate Yes (for the cost of that portion of the ad relating to the electorate candidate)
Promoting electorate candidate Regulated period Electorate candidate Yes

Read more about written authorisation and promoter statement requirements
Read guidance on using the broadcasting allocation for advertising that promotes a candidate
There are no restrictions on when non-broadcast advertisements can be published, except that they cannot be published on election day.