Registrars of Electors and Returning Officers

Registrars of Electors and Returning Officers work through four regions, led by regional managers and supported by regional advisors.

Registrars of Electors

The role of a Registrar of Electors is to gather and maintain an accurate roll in their electorate, by encouraging and inspiring eligible electors to participate in elections. They are also responsible for implementing voting processes that help to achieve the best possible electoral administration outcomes. Building and maintaining important relationships within their communities is a crucial part of their role.

Returning Officers

Returning Officers play a key leadership role in maximising general election participation by establishing and managing the delivery of voting services in electorates. They work closely with Registrars of Electors to lead community engagement and are responsible for the recruitment, training and deployment of staff at headquarters and voting places. Overall Returning Officers ensure that the voting services are carried out in accordance with legislation and, in a manner that maintains the integrity of the electoral system and the Electoral Commission.

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